Bike Shopping Tips

Bike Shopping

Bikes are awesome. Did you know that it costs 20 times less to maintain a bike than a car? While riding, bikes provide exercise and transportation, while also offering a good opportunity to meditate.
When you want to go bike shopping, note that there are different types of bike and getting the best one for you hinges on knowing certain things about bikes.

The different types of bikes are Road Bikes, Cyclocross bikes, Mountain bikes, Hybrid bikes, Touring bikes, Triathlon bikes, Fitness Bikes, Adventure road bikes, Electric bikes etc. The difference between these bikes lie in way the bike frames, wheels, suspension, drivetrain, brakes and contact points are arranged and set up.
So, with these plethora of bike types, you may find it overwhelming when you enter into a bike shop and realize you are bombarded with different options.

The things to consider before bike shopping include:

• The purpose of the ride and where you intend to ride the bike
Different bikes fit different purposes and surface conditions. So, ask yourself how often you intend to ride, how far you will ride, and what the surface conditions you will ride on are.
If you intend to ride for exercise and will stay on pavement, then a fitness bike or a road bike is a good choice. If you plan to take short, casual rides with friends and family, then get a cruiser or comfort bike. A city bike or electric-pedal bike will be preferable if you intend to ride for commuting purposes. A mountain bike is the best choice if you will be riding off-road. If you need a bike that you can ride for fitness and commuting, both on pavement and off-pavement, consider getting a gravel bike.

• Research
Research the bike you want after deciding on the purpose and place you will ride. Visit the manufacturer’s website to know the features of the bike and the things to expect.

• Your budget
The price of bikes ranges from around $100 to thousands of dollars. So, it is important for you to use the knowledge you’ve acquired to define your budget.